Thursday, 17 June 2010


Finally it appears the goals are coming. A veritable feast so far today, eight in two matches and the average needed to beat the all-time low drops to 2.36.

Quiz time: What game was the first ever 0-0 draw in World Cup finals matches?

Argentina looked good, but if they lose badly to Greece and South Korea thrash Nigeria, they're out! OK, so I won't be backing that outcome myself, but it could happen. 1.01s are turned over every day.

France and Mexico have similar Elo ratings, with Mexico slightly ahead and at 2.0 on the AH (-0/-0.5) they will be by fun bet for the next game.

Some early baseball for a change with the Los Angeles Dodgers playing the Cincinnatti Reds which will occupy the next couple of hours. The Dodgers pitcher just hit an RBI which the market wasn't expecting. When they score first their record is 23 - 6. Handy to know.

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