Monday, 14 June 2010

Kindergarten Comment

More amusing comments from our Anonymous friend, who along with his other issues in life is also apparently struggling to learn the essentials of trading, how handicap markets work, and how to read a blog post in full.

He asks:

By lack of liquidity on asian handicap market not being a problem, do you mean you weren't able to pussy out of your bet and lay some back in running?
There was not one “Asian Handicap” market, there were several, but more importantly, if you are of the opinion that trading out of a position when it is value to do so is a poor move, you need to go back and read this blog from the beginning and take on board some of the advice. If it is value to do so, trade out.

He continues:
Think I've realised what some people don't like about this blog
(with an average of 271 visitors a day, that statement reminds me of Yogi Berra’s “no one goes to that restaurant any more – it’s too crowded” quote, and never mind that Anonymous himself just keeps coming back for more). He goes on:
"The Australia v Germany game went EXACTLY AS PREDICTED" really is a horribly pompous statement. Especially as all you predicted was an open game.
All you predicted was an open game”. Let’s review what I actually wrote “I'm backing the Overs at 2.3 in the Australia v Germany match coming up shortly” and “Germany doesn't lose group games, winning eleven and drawing four of the fifteen played since 1986. A young Germany team against a veteran Australian team, and I'm expecting an open game. I've also backed Germany (-0.5/-1) on the Asian Handicap markets at 1.83.”

Which part of my predictions was not correct? Overs came in comfortably at 2.3. Germany do not lose group games, and didn’t lose this one. The game was an open game, and Germany won by more than 1 goal. As sports predictions go, I’d say that was pretty good.

Anonymous then shows his lack of understanding of the Asian Handicap markets by asking
Does tipping up Australia on the handicap mean you predicted they would win? Shouldn't do.
With handicaps, it rather depends what the handicap was – if it was Australia +4.5 then they would be a winner, but I never tipped Australia to win plus or minus anything, so I’m not sure what the point of that comment was.

I would recommend you at least read the post properly before you comment in future! You might actually learn something.

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Anonymous said...

A question for you cassini.

What are you predicting will happen when you tip up Germany
-0.75 @1.83