Tuesday, 15 June 2010

North Korea Won

Brazil Real. Get it?

With a total of just 18 goals in 11 games, and just the one Over 2.5 game, the record low average goals per game of 2.21 set in Italy 1990 could be under threat.

An average of 2.34 goals per game is required to hit that total. The Brazil - North Korea game is favoured to go Over, and New Zealand and Slovakia both scored freely in qualifying but the opening games have for the most part been tight affairs.

Yesterday saw a no result in the Italy game, but a win on the Dutch. I layed the draw off in the Japan - Cameroon game after 36 minutes.

OK, I didn't really, but I knew Anonymous would like that line. A small loss on that one. When I saw how close the ratings were, I pondered Japan and DNB, but was influenced by the Cameroons having 'home' advantage.

Today's interest plays: Overs in Brazil - North Korea (1.62) and Slovakia v New Zealand (2.34) 2-0 Slovakia (7.0) and Ivory Coast DNB (2.08).

Will Brazil think twice before bringing on a sub?

I'll be here all week.

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