Tuesday, 15 June 2010

LDS - Latter Day Sinner

Nothing to do with betting, but I found this rather amusing, and it is at least blog related.

I was reviewing the blog stats and one of the things you can find out when the visit is the result of a search engine search is what the search criteria entered were. See above.

My copy and paste of Anonymous' comment of "...do you mean you weren't able to pussy out of your bet and lay some back in running?" seems to have resulted in some unexpected extra traffic to the blog including one visitor from Brigham Young University.

Founded by a racist with 55 wives who was implicated in the Mountain Meadows massacre, that's one not so esteemed seat of learning and a pretty weird religion while we're about it. One perhaps shouldn't be too surprised that one of those nice young men traveling the world spreading the word of his god in his white shirt and black tie is searching for porn when he gets back to his room at night.

My visitor didn't stay for long. I guess I wasn't the pussy he was looking for.

Perhaps he meant the kodkod?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

you seem a little obsessed with anonymous!!

I'd move on, take on board the valid points he makes and keep the blog positive.