Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Blog Talk

There are some nice people out there. I stumbled upon this comment at Betfair Banter

Well, this is my favorite one [Green All Over]

I like it because it is not one of those blogs that every day only come with account statement, "Wow, yesterday was wonderful day, I traded xyz races for profit of 0.87 pounds!", or "Lack of discipline costed me half of my bank..."; no, in this blog you will not find any such a statement, but only interesting articles, thoughts, musings and views of different trading opportunities and events...
I also found out that the most productive link is that over at Sport Is Made For Betting followed by Cran The Trader and My Sports Trading Journey I feel bad, but Cran The Trader wasn't even on my blogroll. He is now.

Where do people go when they leave? Top of the list, rather neatly, is again Sport Is Made For Betting, followed by Talkbet (who appears not to be pulling his weight in terms of referrals...), and Betting at Betfair.

Mark Iverson has awoken after a long nap and appears on the charts, but Mastering Betfair, Lump On!, Trading Times, Juice Storm and BetfairTrader1977 seem to be on a long summer holiday. Never to return?


strugar said...

Well, thanks for compliment, hahahahahaha! ;) It was me who left that comment on Betfairbanter; I hope you'll find interest to join that community. I really liked the idea of Captain Webb about his forum, and like the way it goes, seems promising, and I hope he will succeed with his intention to create a crowded forum with lots of disussions.

Handy Andy said...

Nice to hear that I am passing you some new readers. Your site is top of mine.

I would be grateful if you could lend me a few quid to help get me through my current mild depression!


Talkbet said...

Not pulling my weight ? That's because I've been on a diet....! I'll give you a few more plugs and see if we can get the referals up then, my humble apologies :o)