Wednesday, 23 June 2010

England To Cruise

When England qualify for World Cup finals, they are actually rather unlucky. When you examine how their record since that glorious summer of 1966, it reads like this:

1970 – A tactical mistake by Sir Alf Ramsey cost us the game against West Germany. 2-0 up and cruising, we ended up losing 2-3 after extra time.

1982 – Unbeaten, but eliminated.

1986 – Beaten by the Hand of God, and arguably the Feet of God a few minutes later, by the eventual winners.

1990 - Lost on penalties, which doesn’t really count, to the eventual winners.

1998 - Lost on penalties, which doesn’t really count.

2002 - Lost to eventual Cup winners Brazil after taking a 1-0 lead and after Seaman let in a fluke goal from about 154 yards.

2006 - Lost on penalties, which doesn’t really count.

So apart from losing on penalties, which doesn't really count, a poor tactical decision, divine intervention and a fluke goal, England have never really been eliminated in the last 44 years...

A friend did point out that there weren’t any other ways to lose, but there are. We have yet to be outplayed and beaten in 90 minutes by anyone since 1962, when we lost to holders and eventual winners Brazil, and even I am unable to come up with an excuse, except that the referee that day was a jealous Frenchman.

Life just isn’t fair sometimes, but I have a good feeling about tomorrow’s game. As I mentioned a few posts ago, this competition reminds me of our start in 1986. No Gary Lineker in the team this time around, but Wayne Rooney is more than capable of scoring in bunches, and Joe Cole must be chomping at the bit.

I received an unexpected, but well deserved, bonus at work today, and I’m tempted to lump the whole lot on England at 1.49, but of course I won’t. I do think that 1.49 is a value price, but it’s hard to be objective.

A small punt, and a few beers in the pub sounds like the ideal way to play this one. That's how I'll be playing it anyway. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

lol, 1.49 a value price , have you even watched any of the games? Sure they may win, lots of 1.49 shots do but value do me a favour , no doubt you lumped on against Algeria too :)

Mark Iverson said...

Nothing like a bit of optimism eh? :-)

Sports Punter said...

England, 1.49 and Value in the same Post? not sure i would agree to be fair.

I'd struggle to back them at 1.49 against Andorra at the moment.

Hope you are right though and today is the day!