Sunday, 27 June 2010

R16 - Day Two

In front of the country's finest President of my lifetime, although admittedly the competition isn't that much, the USA came up short in their bid to reach the quarter-final. There was a goal in the first half though, so my lay of 0-0 HT came in. That was it for investing yesterday. No baseball, no tennis, just socialising and enjoying being out for once.

A frequent commenter on here, Curly, has decided to start his own blog. It won't be as good as this one (obviously) but the link has been added. Anonymous will be disappointed that it is not a P&L blog, but for those of us with lives, we're not all that interested in meaningless numbers.

And so to the big games today, and yet more socialising for me.

England v Germany: In something of a contrast to Saturday’s matches, Sunday’s games have a lot more history going back to pre-1986. Germany has won all six appearances, with four games 0-0 at half-time. Unders:Overs is split 3:3. England are unbeaten at this stage too, having won 3 of 5, all without conceding, the exceptions being the 0-0 draw with Belgium, and the 2-2 draw with Argentina. Unders:Overs is 2:3. Everything points to a tight game. The draw at is available at 3.25, and under 2.5 is 1.57. The HT 0-0 is 2.44 but I will not be laying this one. Of all the R16 matches, this one and the Iberian derby are the ones that to me could be 0-0 at HT.

Argentina v Mexico: These two met at this stage in 2006 and drew 1-1 before Argentina won in extra-time. Mexico’s record is WDLLD, Unders:Overs 4:1. Argentina’s record is WWLDD and 3:2. I expect Argentina to win this one in 90 minutes at 1.59. The HT 0-0 is 2.92.


Curly said...

Sadly, I think you're right. It won't be as good as this one.

For starters I have exactly 2 blogs on my blogroll, you have more than 50. I'll get around to updating that at some point but for now we'll see exactly how much traffic you can drive my way.

Anonymous said...

If you "expect Argentina to win this one in 90 minutes at 1.59" would you also expect them to win at 1.30? Or 3.00?

Anonymous said...

Probably win at 9.30